Theater Prof Gives Public Speaking Tips to Students

Professor Abby Killeen teaching a public speaking workshop

A student at a public speaking workshop on campus admitted that when she speaks in class or gives a presentation, her mind goes blank even while her mouth continues forming words. Another said his hands shake uncontrollably. “Internally I’m freaking out,” yet another student confessed. “It literally feels like I’m having a heart attack.”

The students were participating in the recent training, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye!,” taught by Assistant Professor of Theater Abigail Killeen and organized by Assistant Director of First-Year Programs Michael Wood. Wood said he offered the session because public speaking is a core skill that isn’t directly part of the college offerings but is nonetheless an important skill.

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  1. Howard Levin '54 says:

    What ever happened to English 4, a required 1 hour 1 semester course in public speaking?

  2. Tim Buchman '72 says:

    Howard, maybe it was built after your time, but what ever happened to the purpose-built Public Speaking classroom/labs in/near Sills hall? I was not in favor of required courses like those you and I took in public speaking, but my wife notes that the verbal “book reports” required of new technical hires in her first engineering job were among the most valuable on-the-job training she ever got.

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