Bowdoin Experts on What Students Can Do About Climate Change

"Reaching Day Zero" sustainability panel (Katy Longley not pictured)

Six faculty members, plus College Treasurer Katy Longley, recently took turns addressing student-posed questions about what Bowdoin students can do about climate change and what different fields can contribute to a possible solution.

The presenters were limited to three-minute remarks, and their advice ranged from changing small habits, such as reducing waste, to more radical counsel, such as to stop flying on airplanes and to have no children.

Sophomores Anna Hall, Courtney Payne and Margaret Lindeman organized the panel, “Reaching Day Zero: Living Sustainably at Bowdoin and Beyond,” which was sponsored by the Green Bowdoin Alliance. President Barry Mills, who moderated the event, praised the three organizers for having the enterprising spirit to bring the group of experts together. “These folks are sophomores, which is good news because they’ll be here for two more years to continue the enthusiasm and rigor they’re bringing to this conversation,” he said.

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  1. Global warming is a Political (Control YOur Life S C A M ). All changes in climate are NATURAL WEATHER PATTERNS . This S C A M IS ALL TO MAKE EVERY ONE FEEL GUILTY ABOUT EVREYTHING YOU DO and control your like , it’s all about c on t r o l . Using Natural Resources , driving a car. They don’t like people being the ( in d e p e n d e n t )

  2. Howard Ellis says:

    I want to commend the students for wanting to do something about climate change, but I am appalled by some of the faculty comments. Most of the suggestions will, even if adopted by every student at Bowdoin, accomplish nothing for the climate other than make the students feel good about themselves. The idea that these students should decide not to have children for the sake of the climate is shameful. If the best and brightest are not going to have children then who in future generations will come up with the ideas that will help the world cope with whatever changes do occur? The professor who spoke of figuring out strategies for adapting to change is the only one whose advice is meaningful.

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