Apekshya Prasai ’16 Wins Peace Grant to Work with Nepalese Street Boys

Apekshya Prasai ’16

For most of her life, Apekshya Prasai ’16 harbored the same attitude toward urban street boys shared by many other Kathmandu residents. When she saw the grubby urchins in the streets, she would turn the other way and run, worried they might rob her.

“They’re seen as a problem in society,” Prasai said. But after traveling to Maine last fall to start her Bowdoin education, and becoming involved with the McKeen Center’s community-service projects to help the homeless, Prasai began to think differently about the boys in her home country. Instead of viewing them as a scourge on the city, she now sees them as the product of a damaged society that is still recovering from a civil war.

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