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Bowdoin Green Athletes Partner with ’81 Grad to Recycle Old Shoes

Bowdoin Green Athletes Alex Tougas ’14, Tricia Thibodeau ’13 and Emma Chow ’15

The Green Athletes, a group of students dedicated to making athletics at Bowdoin more sustainable, have hooked up with Michael Aronson ’83 to collect discarded shoes and send them to merchants in West Africa.

Aronson runs a for-profit business called Rerun Shoes, based in Amherst, Mass., that collects wearable used shoes — kid’s shoes, cleats, sneakers, sandals, dress shoes for men and women — and supplies them to micro-entrepreneurs in Mali, Guinea and Liberia. The merchants refurbish the shoes and sell them at local markets.

Donated shoes can be dropped off in boxes at the Buck Center and Farley Field House.

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The Domino Effect of Negative Tweets (Mashable)

Negative tweets (Illustration credit: Abby McBride)Using the Twitter data from the 2009 H1N1 (swine flu) scare, researchers at Penn State University found that negative tweets about children’s vaccines were more likely to be shared than positive ones.  By collecting 318,397 tweets about positive, negative and neutral feelings toward the swine flu, the study more generally found that a high volume of both positive and negative tweets seemed to be contagious, both encouraging users to tweet more negatively.