Tech Update: A New App For Happiness (Forbes)

A new and mysterious app called The H(app)athon Project, to be released March 2014, is being developed to make you and others feel happier and more fulfilled. Founder John C. Havens hopes to combine the extensive functions of the smartphone, such as the microphone, receiver and GPS, in order to “passively capture data through the day,” monitoring your mental state in an anonymous and calculative way.


  1. Hi.

    Thanks for the post! Happy to talk more about our work if you’re interested. Our primary focus is trying to get people to take our survey ( which will inform the App we’re building. For now, people can also run workshops based on the ideas we’re studying as well. We designed a “workshop toolkit” so people can run their own. It’s free.

    Hope that helps and thanks again,
    Founder, The H(app)athon Project.

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