Video: Sen. G. Mitchell ’54 on Common Sense Solutions for Ending Washington Gridlock

Former U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell ’54 (D-ME) was on campus this week to speak at a meeting of local physicians and hospital administrators. During his visit, the former Senate Majority Leader — who is a co-founder of the Bipartisan Policy Center — sat down with Bowdoin’s Director of News and Media Relations, Doug Cook, to discuss the current state of Congress, what it takes to make real progress in government, and how the lessons of peacemaking in Northern Ireland and diplomacy in the Middle East can help break ideological gridlock in Washington.


  1. Robert C Foster III says:

    Why can’t we run this gent for president? He seems to be able to solve the big problems of the world one at a time, while the rest of our politicians dither or worse. Help us all, George

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