Questioning the Value of Teaching Cursive Writing (Prospect)

Why do we teach our children two different writing techniques: cursive and manuscript form? Phillip Ball, a contributing editor for Prospect, ponders the wisdom of this. He argues that because learning to write is difficult — not to mention learning to read — it would be better to keep the script as simple as possible. “Research seems to show that it may not much matter how children learn to write, so long as it is consistent,” Ball writes.


  1. Al DeMoya says:

    First we have the notion that to teach children proper grammar will stifle their creativity. Then we allow the use of “me” as a first person pronoun subject (as in “me and my cousin went fishing”) and “I” as a an object)as in “my husband and I’s anniversary” – I swear I heard it on a radio call-in show, and a friend who is a second grade teacher argued with me that it’s acceptable usage!!).

    So now we will have a nation of people who cannot sign a check?
    To me this means that efforts at improving literacy in our nation are a waste of time and money.

  2. I notice above that only one person “liked” this for fb. I’ll be lenient enough to say we needn’t insist on uniform Palmer Method or the like, but everyone should develop the skill of cursive writing.

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