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Infographic: Weight of the World (

Weight of the World 

Four Faculty Members Earn Promotions to Full Professor

Four members of the Bowdoin faculty have earned the rank of full professor, a distinction bestowed upon those who have held the rank of associate professor for at least six years while demonstrating continued excellence in their teaching and scholarly endeavors.

“The strength of the Bowdoin faculty rests in the scholar-teacher model and the opportunity it provides for our students to work with extraordinarily gifted teachers who are shaping their fields of inquiry,” said Dean for Academic Affairs Cristle Collins Judd in announcing the promotions.

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Bowdoin’s Ghodsee on the Fiery Desperation in Bulgaria (PRI)

Kristen Ghodsee

Kristen Ghodsee

Just back from Bulgaria, where mounting frustrations over poverty have prompted at least six protesters to set themselves on fire, Kristen Ghodsee, Bowdoin’s John S. Osterweis Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies, appeared on the PRI program The World to discuss these acts of self-immolation.

Earning an ‘A’ From Prof. Nabokov (New York Review of Books)

Jay Epstein writes about the time 58 years ago when as a student he “wandered” into a Cornell University class officially called “European Literature of the 19th Century,” but unofficially called “Dirty Lit” since it dealt with adultery in novels.

Despite not doing the reading for Prof. Nabokov’s literature class, Epstein nonetheless earned an A on his first quiz. Known only as “student 121” — the number on his chair — Epstein impressed Nabokov by inaccurately describing the train station in Anna Karenina.

“What I had not taken into account was Nabokov’s theory that great novelists create pictures in the minds of their readers that go far beyond what they describe in the words in their books,” Epstein writes.