Mariely Garcia Finds Her Way From Harlem to Bowdoin (WNYC)

Photo by Yasmeen Khan

Researchers at Harvard and Stanford recently found that many talented low-income students don’t apply to the nation’s top colleges, largely because they don’t know about them. But as radio station WNYC in New York City reports, outreach efforts by selective colleges and organizations like Questbridge, the Opportunity Network, and others are working hard to address the problem. Take the case of Mariely Garcia of Harlem. Mariely—who will graduate from high school at the top of her class and with a nearly perfect grade point average—has not only heard of Bowdoin, she’s been admitted and plans to keep doing all she can to help raise the aspirations of her peers.


  1. Claire Cooper says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mariely at an Opportunity Network event last week, and she will be an amazing contributor to the Bowdoin community and has great things ahead of her. Incidentally, I learned about the Opportunity Network through Jamie Nadeau ’10, who works there, at the 2012 Bowdoin Common Good Day event in NYC. The Bowdoin connection is strong!

    -Claire Cooper ’09

  2. Mike Coster '57 says:

    Thank You Bowdoin:
    You have given Mariely The opportunity to enjoy `The best 4 years of her life`
    Mike Coster-57

  3. Jamie Nadeau says:

    We are so excited for Mariely! She has been such a wonderful addition to The Opportunity Network, and I couldn’t be prouder that she is going to be a polar bear!

    -Jamie Nadeau ’10

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