Walter Cronkite Envisions a 21st Century Home, In 1967 (Smithsonian)

In the March 12, 1967, episode of Walter Cronkite’s half-hour CBS TV program, The 21st Century, Cronkite predicted what people would see in their homes three or four decades into the future. According to Cronkite, they’d enjoy “3D television, molded on-demand serving dishes, videophones, inflatable furniture, satellite newspaper delivery and robot servants,” Smithsonian reports.

Here’s what Cronkite said about a futuristic office — and he’s not too far off: “This console provides a summary of news relayed by satellite from all over the world. …When I’ve finished catching up on the news I might check the latest weather. This same screen can give me the latest report on the stocks I might own. …Now if I want to see the people I’m talking with I just turn the button and there they are. …With equipment like this in the home of the future we may not have to go to work, the work would come to us.”

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