Video: ‘Bowdoin Music Collective’ Collectively Shines

During the blizzard last weekend, Bowdoin students gathered in the warm pub in Smith Union to listen to an evening of original music and cover songs by an assortment of campus musicians. The 4th Annual BMC Showcase included more than a dozen performers and was organized by the Bowdoin Music Collective’s leaders, Dave Raskin ’13 and Nate Joseph ’13.

The Bowdoin Music Collective describes itself as a group of musicians and non-musicians dedicated to improving the musical culture at Bowdoin. They schedule and promote live performances by student musicians, set up impromptu public jam sessions around campus, and serve as a network for musicians to meet each other and collaborate.

The two videos include a sampling of acts.


Bowdoin Music Collective Showcase, Part I from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.


Bowdoin Music Collective Showcase, Part II from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.


Video I
Freshman Folk Trio, 0:18
Brian Kim ’13, 3:41
Robert Deveny ’13 and Robert Rusack ’13, 6:17
Skylen Monaco ’16, 9:27
Caitlin Greenwood ’15, 12:56
Andrew Roseman ’14, 15:18
Kaylee Schwitzer ’15, 18:17

Video II
Nate Joseph ’13 and Michaela Martin ‘14, :00
Veronica Verdin ’15 with band, 1:41
Rami Stucky ’14 and Simon Moushabeck ’16, 5:34
Phar\OS, 8:08
The BungYoon Duo: Emily Bungert ’15 and Yowon Yoon ’14, 12:51
zAlbert: Nikhil Dasgupta ’16, Shan Nagar ’16, Zach Albert ’16, and Harry Rube ’16, 15:56
Sinead Lamel ’15, 20:28
Mario Jaime ’14, 23:54

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