Slideshow: Blizzard Blows Bowdoin Under Big Snow

By the time the enormous nor’easter blew off to the east Saturday night, it had dumped between two and three feet of snow on southern and central Maine, the Portland Press Herald reports. The total snowfall in Portland of 31.9 inches broke the previous single-storm record of 27.1 inches in January 1979.

At Bowdoin, a few students took to the streets, skiing and sliding through the mostly deserted town. For more photos, click the link.

Photos 1-6 by Michele Stapleton



  1. Dave Bean '82 says:

    What an awesome display of Mother Nature’s fury…Even overshadows the beauty of the sun setting over the beach on a Sunday evening here in San Diego! :)

  2. Ren Bernier says:

    Yes, I saw these students skiing down Maine Street – and it’s a good thing I did, too. I was driving my plow truck down past the First Parish church when three of them skied right out in front of me – not in a cross walk. I had to lock up the brakes to keep from hitting them. 6000 pounds of truck and plow don’t stop on a dime! My recommendation to these Bowdoin students – ski on campus, not on public roadways in storm conditions when folks are out trying to keep roads open! Let’s use some common sense, folks.

  3. DON RAYMENT, '54 says:

    The snow-bound campus and area photos took me back to the early ’50s when we’d flip coins to decide which Theta Delt brothers would don the gear and trek to the post office to check for mail (in the pre-coed days!). Life seemed a lot more simple in those days!

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