In Focus: Museum of Art’s ‘Printmaking ABC: In Memoriam David P. Becker’ (Portland Press Herald)

David Becker '70

David Becker '70


The Bowdoin College Museum of Art exhibition Printmaking ABC: In Memoriam David P. Becker, a selection of masterly prints from Albrecht Dürer and Rembrandt to David Hockney and Sol LeWitt, is drawn from the collection of 1,500 prints given and bequeathed by alumnus and former trustee David Becker, who was an internationally recognized print scholar whose expertise encompassed drawings, illustrated books and writing manuals.

Becker and the exhibition, which introduces visitors to the techniques, themes and stylistic developments of western printmaking since the Renaissance, are the focus of the Portland Press Herald article “The Case for the Fine Print.”


  1. Paul Batista says:

    David Becker was a classmate from 1966 through 1970,a period of wonderful turmoil in the history of the United States and Bowdoin itself.

    David was remarkable among us for his calm focus and, frankly, for his maturity. I was aware of his dedication to art, and I remember in particular his work with John McKee, a photographer and inspiring member of the faculty who should be better remembered. David was also an ardent sponsor of Tom Cornell’s work.

    It was clear that David came from a highly privileged background. The “Pillsbury” in his middle name was a dead give-away. But that didn’t in any way influence his quiet, mature and supportive dignity even as a young man.

    I’m so glad to see that his memory has been honored.

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