Grand Central Centennial: ‘100 Years of Grandeur’ (New York Times)

Grand Central Station

The Bowdoin Polar Bear in Grand Central Station Jan. 18, 2013, celebrating the 100th anniversary of its adoption as College mascot following a vote in New York City by the Alumni Association in 1913. Grand Central celebrates its 100th anniversary Feb. 2, 2013.

New York City’s Grand Central Terminal is about to celebrate a major milestone. February 2, 2013, marks 100 years since it officially opened to the public. The story of how a big idea turned into an even larger venture (it cost more than $2 billion in today’s dollars) is told in The New York Times by urban affairs correspondent Sam Roberts, excerpted from his book, Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America, to be published later this month by Grand Central Publishing.

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