Government Benefits and Who Gets Them (The Atlantic)


New data from the Pew Research Center reveals that six in seven households have received some sort of government benefit. The Atlantic presents seven facts about who received entitlements and from which programs.


  1. PETER H. DRAGONAS, '59 says:

    The Pew Group could say that everybody is on a Scholarship at Bowdoin. That could be true, since the Endowment Funds benefit all in the college community. I disagree with their liberal interpretations on Entitlement Beneficiaries when it applied to legitimate Social Security and Medicare recipients. They did not list the dollar upkeep of previous Senators and Congressmen/women who self entitle themselves to a package of benefits not available to the public. One who contributes to a fund dedicated to benefits under very carefully crafted conditions, is buying an insurance policy not an entitlement. Medicaid and aid to Dependent Children & Mothers is an entitlement not paid for by the recipient. I hope Angus King can bring some logic to Capitol Hill.

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