Fears of Looming Death For the Printed Book Are Overblown (Wall Street Journal)

While the advent of the Kindle and iPad once seemed to foretell the demise of the printed book, by as early as 2015 even, current markets are telling a different story, The Wall Street Journal reports.

In 2012, only 16% of Americans purchased an e-book, and 59% said they had no interest in buying one. And five years into the so-called “e-book revolution,” sales of e-books are slowing. About 89% of regular book readers reported to the Pew Research Center that they’d read one printed book in the preceding 12 months, while only 30% said they had read an e-book.

“Having survived 500 years of technological upheaval, Gutenberg’s invention may withstand the digital onslaught as well,” the WSJ says. “There’s something about a crisply printed, tightly bound book that we don’t seem eager to let go of.”

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