Barry Mills: Faculty Lectures Now on the BDS

Next month, the Bowdoin Daily Sun will be three years old. With 4,000 daily subscribers and more than 8,000 distinct visitors to the site each week, the BDS is clearly a popular and effective way to present news and information about the College, as well as stories of general interest to the Bowdoin community.

For all its success, the one thing we’ve heard over and over is that BDS readers would like to see more presentations from our faculty and guest lecturers. So that’s exactly what we’ve now begun to do, beginning yesterday with Bruce Kohorn’s Linnean Professorship of Biology and Biochemistry Inaugural Lecture.

Tomorrow (Friday, January 25), we will present a live Common Hour lecture by Associate Professor of Earth and Oceanographic Science Collin Roesler. Having joined the Bowdoin faculty in 2009, Roesler was chosen by members of the senior class to deliver this first Common Hour lecture of the spring semester. Her talk, “A Scientist Looks at the Ocean: Thoughts on Developing Students’ Scientific Identity,” will begin at 12:30 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium. Watch it live right here on the Bowdoin Daily Sun, or look here for an archived version of this and other presentations by Bowdoin faculty and guest lecturers.

And please, keep letting us know how we can improve the Bowdoin Daily Sun!


  1. Toph Tucker says:

    Good idea. These should go on YouTube.

  2. Roger Tuveson '64 says:

    What a phenomenal idea. For many years, I have envied alums who live in the Brunswick area who audit classes and attend
    guest lectures @ Bowdoin.

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