A Guide to the Most Remote Spots in the U.S. (Project Remote)

The remotest spot in Maine. Image by Project Remote.

A couple and their three-year-old daughter are on a mission to identify the remotest spot in each of the 50 U.S. states. They define remote as the point farthest away from a road or town. They say their aim is to shed light on the disappearance of wild places to encroaching development and roads.

The most remote spot in Maine is in Baxter State Park. At that point, the distance from the nearest road is six miles, and the distance from the nearest trail is less than a half mile. And there is cell phone coverage. In the couple’s expedition blog, they describe this peaceful spot: “The Maine Remote Spot resides in a mixed coniferous forest stand situated on gently sloping, well-drained terrain. Mature trees appear even-aged, and there are pockets of young sapling conifers growing in the otherwise open understory.”

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