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Frank Goodyear and Anne Collins Goodyear Named Museum of Art Co-Directors

Anne Collins Goodyear and Frank H. Goodyear III

Anne Collins Goodyear and Frank H. Goodyear III

Frank H. Goodyear III and Anne Collins Goodyear have been named co-directors of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art. The announcement was made January 30, 2013, by Dean for Academic Affairs Cristle Collins Judd.

Frank Goodyear currently serves as curator of photographs at the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, in Washington, D.C. Anne Collins Goodyear serves as associate curator of prints and drawings at the National Portrait Gallery. She is also president of the College Art Association. The couple was married in June 2000.

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Molecular Forensics Expose Slimy Side of Sushi Industry (Slate)

illegal sushi fishingIf you think you are eating tuna sushi, you probably are. If you’ve ordered salmon, though, you’re most likely eating steelhead trout. “Shrimp is shrimp and crab is crab, unless it’s pollock. And don’t trust the white fish. That could be anything: tilapia, something else, who knows,” Slate warns.

People like Standford University marine biologist Steve Palumbi are using molecular forensics to detect imposters in the seafood world. Palumbi has sequenced DNA from fish served in Japanese restaurants to reveal that the so-called legal minke whale on the plate was actually meat from protected species, including baleen whales, such as fin and humpback whales, and dolphins and porpoises.

Other exposes by conservationists and newspapers have shown that nearly 40 percent of fish in New York restaurants are mislabeled, with similar problems in Los Angeles and Boston, Slate reports.