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Your Paycheck and the Fiscal Cliff (

With Congress and the White House struggling to find a way to avert the mandatory budget cuts and tax increases popularly known as “the fiscal cliff,” you might want to have a look at what their inaction could do to your bottom line. Here’s a handy way to find out from

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum’s 12 Days of Christmas

In honor of the season, Bowdoin’s Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum is showcasing one item a day from its collections. Day one: a partridge in a (spruce) tree, of course, photographed by Donald MacMillan in the 1920s. Check out day number two, three, four, and five, and follow the remaining seven days of Christmas on the Peary-Mac blog, produced by Curator Genevieve LeMoine.

The New Yorker’s “100 Best Lists of All Time”

This time of year brings out all the lists: the top ten news stories, the best gadgets of 2012, the year in pictures, and so on. The New Yorker has taken all this list publishing to new heights with their “Hundred Best Lists of All Time.” It includes such classics as the Mayflower passenger list, Warren Buffett’s “Investment Criteria List,” and Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List,” along with 97 other fascinating entries.

Why DO They Drop That New Year’s Eve Ball in Times Square? (The Atlantic)

It’s been a familiar sight in New York City since 1907: a ball dropping from its perch high above Times Square to signal in the new year. But why a dropping ball, when most cities celebrate the occasion with displays of fireworks? As told in The Atlantic, it’s essentially a story of adaptation and tradition.