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Opinion: Looking On The Bright Side Of The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ (Reuters)

Not everyone believes we are staring into an fiscal abyss these days. According to “The Edgy Optimist,” any short-term pain caused by the so-called “fiscal cliff” could just bring some much needed long-term gains.

Flying Is As Safe As Ever (Wall St. Journal)

How about some good news as we approach the end of the year?! According to the folks who track this stuff, 2012 has been the safest year to fly since the dawn of the jet age.

Musicians We Lost in 2012 (The NY Times Magazine)

It’s not easy to construct a smooth edit of music by Etta James, Ravi Shankar, Men At Work, The Bee Gees, and Andy Williams, but that (and more) is what The New York Times Magazine has done as an audio tribute to some of the musicians who left us in 2012.

The Great Arctic Cyclone of 2012 (ARS Technica)

An unusual summer cyclone that hovered over the Arctic for days seems to have had a lot to do with this year’s record breakup of Arctic ice. It was also one of the strongest Arctic storms on record.