Therapy Dogs Calm Students During Hectic End-of-Semester Rush

The student organization Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere, led by Megan Massa ’14 and Janki Kaneria ’14, recently invited several therapy dogs to campus to provide licks and cuddles to students under stress due to looming paper deadlines and final exams. Although the Sail Room in Smith Union was filled with laughter from students, it was the dogs who seemed to benefit most from all the petting and attention.

Therapy Dogs Calm Students Down During Hectic Finals from Bowdoin College on Vimeo.

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  1. What a creative and kind idea!

  2. Very sweet!

  3. James A Pierce says:

    How did we ever make it through papers and finals without therapy dogs back in the day?

  4. Aren’t we pampering our students just a little bit too much?

  5. Jepte Vergara - Benitez says:

    It was worth the time petting those cute dogs! Thank you Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere!

  6. Erin Finney says:

    I have been fortunate enough as an elementary spec. ed teacher to be able to take my therapy dog, Luke, to school with me every day for the past 8 years. There is no way to measure the positive effects of connecting with animals.What it does for kids, it also does for adults.

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