Barry Mills: “A Horrible Loss”

In a late Friday evening message to students, faculty and staff, President Barry Mills offered the sympathies and condolences of the College to the community of Newtown, Conn.

To the Bowdoin Community,

I write to express my deepest sympathies and the condolences of our College to the families in Newtown, Connecticut, who suffered such a horrible loss today. Once again, we witness a tragedy for so many families arising out of a senseless and horrific act. Life is unpredictable and fragile, and that makes it complicated and challenging for us all. That uncertainty makes these random, senseless acts of violence even more profoundly shocking and despicable.

At Bowdoin, our commitment to humanity and to the common good nurtures us all in these difficult times. Today, we know that this commitment must result in more than words as we strive to build a just society that values and protects the human spirit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the lost souls and their families tonight in Newtown.

Very truly yours,

Barry Mills


  1. Lawrence C. Kaplan '72 says:

    The reasons why a lone man acted to senselessly terrorize and kill 20 innocent children and their teachers are many and complex. These must all be better understood and debated.

    But the MEANS by which this terrible thing occurred was through the use of a rifle designed to assault and kill fellow human beings. That is not debatable.

    Might this be the event that finally prompts us all to address the issue of gun ownership and of gun violence? If not, this preventable kind of history will continue to repeat itself year after year until we forget the urgency of shock and the importance of action.

    Thank you, President Mills for again applying so thoughtfully, the principles of The Common Good.

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