Allan Woodcock ’44 Retires as Maine’s Longest-Serving Probate Judge (Bangor Daily News)

Allan Woodcock, who graduated with the class of 1944, will retire Jan 1. from his seat as Penobscot County Judge of Probate, at age 92. He served on the bench for 50 years, according to the Bangor Daily News. “I really don’t want to retire but I feel it’s appropriate at this time,” Woodcock told the BDN. “One thing I’m not going to do is lie in bed. I’m going to get up early and face the day and be happy with it.”

The Woodcock family has produced a number of Bowdoin alumni. Here’s all of them, and their relation to Allan Woodcock: Allan Woodcock ‘1912, father (dec.); John A. Woodcock ’44 (dec.), brother; Jotham Pierce ’39, brother in law (dec.); Sally W. Maloney ’78, daughter; Timothy C. Woodcock ’74, nephew; Elizabeth C. Woodcock ’76, niece; Jotham D. Pierce ’65, nephew; James M. Pierce ’76, nephew; John A. Woodcock ’72, nephew; Christopher A. Pierce ’72, nephew; Anne C. Pierce ’08, great-grandniece; Kenneth S. Templeton ’01, grandnephew; Edward S. Pierce ‘03, grandnephew; Robert W. Ervin ’00, grandnephew; Richard G. Pierce ’05, grandnephew; Leonard Pierce ’10 grandnephew; Katie Woodcock ’06, grandniece; James Bass, grandnephew, ’02; Jack Woodcock ’02 grandnephew; Patrick Woodcock ’04, grandnephew; and Jotham Pierce ’05, grandnephew


  1. Elizabeth Woodcock, '76 says:

    Allan is also the nephew of Lawrence Crosby, ’13. I believe that there is a Crosby (James?) from the late 1800s. Unfortunately, I do not have my Bowdoin Directory from 1950 (or so) at the ready. But family of my grandmother (Priscilla Standish Crosby Woodcock) also produced Bowdoin alumni.

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