Video: Weather Balloon Launched by Hartley Brody ’12 Reaches Space, Lands in Brunswick

Inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space, Hartley Brody ’12 decided to launch his own dream of getting to space by putting together a weather balloon equipped with a camera and GPS device. Read Brody’s blog for details of how the project came together and how he ultimately found it not far from the College, and watch video of the journey from the edge of space.


  1. Erik Jorgensen '87 says:

    This was MAGNIFICENT! I got a tad seasick watching it, but the notion of do-it-yourself low-budget space exploration is just extraordinarily cool. And that it landed in Brunswick, and not way out to sea, just fabulous! Where in Brunswick was it found? Great views of Mass Bay and Casco Bay. THANKS for sharing – most interesting thing I’ve seen online in a long while.

  2. Toby and Jay says:

    Congratulations, Hartley! We were with your parents and they told us about this fabulous video and also “Gangnam Style.” We will pass these on to our family. Very clever and fun to watch both.

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