The Soviet Missile Base We Couldn’t See (BBC)

On this day, a half-century ago, the Cuban Missile Crisis began to wind down when Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev sent a letter to President Kennedy that offered a deal: he would remove the Soviet missiles in Cuba if Kennedy pledged that the U.S. would never invade Cuba. But all the while, another Soviet missile base—this one much more difficult to detect—was already operational in another country. Located in the forests north of Berlin, this was the first Soviet base located outside the U.S.S.R.


  1. Fred Myer '60 says:

    A valuable contribution to this information would have been the USMLM (US Military Liaison Mission), established under the Huebner-Malinen Agreement of 1945. Col Bill Halloran (Bowdoin 1963) commanded that unit in 1986-87. Sadly, Bill died in 1989, missing the demise of the Warsaw Pact.

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