Susan Culliney ’04 Writes Cover Story for ‘Ecological Applications’

Susan Culliney ’04 has published an article in the latest issue of the journal Ecological Applications, which contains ecological research and discussion papers that are relevant to environmental management and policy.

The article, authored by Liba Pejchar, Richard Switzer and Viviana Ruiz-Gutierrez along with Culliney, is on the role of the endangered forest bird, the ‘Alalā (Corvus hawaiiensis). The researchers argue that the bird helps establish and maintain native Hawaiian forests by dispersing the seeds of a wide variety of native plants.

Culliney “cut her teeth in ecology at the Bowdoin Scientific Station” on Kent Island, Biology Professor Nat Wheelwright says. She earned a master’s degree in fish, wildlife and conservation biology at Colorado State University, and is now in law school at Lewis & Clarke. On her LinkedIn page, Culliney writes, “I am interested in bridging the fields of biology and environmental law to conserve biodiversity and ecosystem function, particularly in the western U.S. and Pacific regions.”

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