Slideshow: Students Give Out ‘Hugs’ to Combat ‘Haters’

Jared Littlejohn ’15 gives a bear hug to Cynthia Cammarn

Jared Littlejohn ’15 recently watched a YouTube video that a bullied teen girl made before committing suicide. Some young people, after watching such a video, might feel sad for a few minutes and then continue on with their lives. Not Littlejohn.

In the span of a few days, Littlejohn organized an on-campus fundraiser, Hugs Against Haters, to raise money for suicide hotlines. With the help of his fellow Residential Life staffers, Littlejohn stood outside Smith Union for three hours on a recent afternoon giving out hugs for free or for a small donation to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline and the Trevor Project, which is a suicide hotline for bullied LGBTQ kids.

Post by Margot Howard ’13

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  1. Lisa Kelsey says:

    Great idea! We have to do everything we can to increase tolerance and prevent suicide. This gives me even more hope that the rising generation will be more accepting than the generations which preceded it. I’ve forwarded the Slideshow to my other college son, and hope that other college campuses will pick up on this idea as a fundraiser. Besides, a hug is good for everyone!

  2. Stella Murray says:

    New generations need to understand the power of love!!! A hug is always recomforting!Congratulations for the iniative

  3. Mike Coster says:

    Hugs Against Haters
    Mike Coster ’57

  4. Marguerite Tompkins says:

    What a wonderful, positive thing to do. I ‘d like to hug this young man.

  5. Antoinette Littlejohn says:

    Great idea! Hugs are comforting. Hugs, somehow, allow us to share a well needed exhale. A Shedding of stress. A small, yet large, non verbal acknowledgement, that you are valued and appreciated. What are we if we can’t, at minimum, in a civil society,
    allow people to express their authentic, non violent desire to love who they love? This entire initiative should ignite student engagement across college campuses everywhere.

    Way to go Jared Littlejohn. We are proud of you!

  6. Sharnette Vidal says:

    Oh, how wonderful! You are going places.

    Love you so much,


  7. when you know the family and friends that have surrounded jared in his life, this outpouring of heart and conscience is no surprise.kudos to a dynamic young man and peers for getting involved and making a difference!

  8. Hannah Cyrus '12 says:

    Jared Littlejohn gives the absolute best hugs! So glad he’s harnessing that power to do EVEN MORE GOOD with it.

  9. Tricia Welsch says:

    I call Jared the Mayor of Bowdoin. He knows everyone and cannot walk from one side of campus–or even one side of the dining hall–to the other without greeting people and being greeted affectionately. Big things ahead for him!

  10. Eunice M. Chery says:

    Jared, I am very proud of you and your initative to take such a stand on bullying.
    You are a great young man. I send a hug to you as well. Hugs make you feel so good.
    It is quite a lift. I am sure your grandmothers and your parents are proud of you. I know Aunt Minnye and I are, also.
    Continue to keep up the good work.

    Aunt Eunice


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