Obama and Romney Know What You’re Doing Online (The Atlantic)

The Obama and Romney campaigns, much like companies such as Target and Capital One, are using data miners and cookies to follow you around the web. According to the New York Times, which recently reported on this story, the campaigns know if visitors to their political sites are also checking out, say, religious sites, and so can greet them with a religious message when they return.

“Officials at both campaigns say the most insightful data remains the basics: a voter’s party affiliation, voting history, basic information like age and race, and preferences gleaned from one-on-one conversations with volunteers. But more subtle data mining has helped the Obama campaign learn that their supporters often eat at Red Lobster, shop at Burlington Coat Factory and listen to smooth jazz. Romney backers are more likely to drink Samuel Adams beer, eat at Olive Garden and watch college football,” the Times reports.

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