Laurence Pope ’67 Appointed to Envoy Post in Libya (New York Times)

Laurence Pope '67

Laurence Pope '67

The White House has appointed veteran diplomat Laurence Pope ’67 the senior American envoy in Libya. Having retired from the Foreign Service 12 years ago, Pope will serve as the top ranking U.S. diplomat in Libya until the Obama administration nominates a new ambassador.

The appointment comes a month after Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was killed in an attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Pope is a son of decorated World War II hero Everett P. Pope ’41 and the brother of Ralph H. Pope ’69.


  1. David Macomber says:

    Best of luck, Larry.

  2. Randall Bond says:

    We our proud to have had such a distinguished member of the Class of ’67
    Best wishes for your time in Libya.

  3. Sid Frank says:

    Read the good news while traveling in Southern Africa. Congratulations from a member of the class of 67

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