Campus Blanketed in Yellow for Yellow Shirt Day

Yesterday was Yellow Shirt Day at Bowdoin, and about 800 students wore their yellow shirts all day in support of the College’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or questioning (LGBTIQ) community.

The tradition was sparked seven years ago when students decided to wear yellow to show their solidarity in opposing a speaker on campus who was speaking out against a gay-rights referendum. Bowdoin’s Queer Straight Alliance, BQSA, sponsors Yellow Shirt Day, which this year was organized by Jasmine Bailey ’14.

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  1. I pray that there will be as much visibility & endorsement for a Christian Community
    expression on campus. 800 students on Yellow Shirt Day is quite a significant measure of endorsement by Bowdoin…hope it’s the same for Christians. As a Pastor I had difficulty with it all, but I’m tolerant and know that all groups have a right to speak-out and be heard, and in fact, be allowed to matriculate into Bowdoin. I remember too well the issue surrounding our fraternity pleging a black man, Theophilus McKinney…who was my roommate. That’s another story.

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