Bowdoin’s Dickinson Named ‘Educator of the Year’

Patsy Dickinson

Patsy Dickinson

Patsy Dickinson, Bowdoin’s Josiah Little Professor of Natural Sciences in the biology and neuroscience departments, has won an “Educator of the Year” award from the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN). The award was presented to Dickinson at the recent Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans.

“[Patsy] has managed to combine teaching, research, mentoring, and service at the highest possible levels,” wrote colleagues Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience Hadley Horch and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Rick Thompson in their nomination letter.

“Bowdoin’s neuroscience program is as strong as it is today because of Patsy’s singular vision, dogged determination, inspirational presence in the lab and classroom, and incredible work ethic.  In addition, Patsy has inspired many dozens of students, and many of them young women, to pursue science-related careers.”

“The award brings to the attention of a larger audience what we at Bowdoin have long known — that Patsy’s commitment and dedication to research and education in her fields of biology and neuroscience are truly exceptional,” said Cristle Collins Judd, Bowdoin’s Dean for Academic Affairs.

“We’re proud of this recognition and of the work Patsy continues to do here at Bowdoin. She has had an extraordinary impact on generations of Bowdoin students.”


  1. Barbara Kaster says:

    Congratulations, Patsy! Grand achievement. Bowdoin is honored to have you on the faculty.

  2. Molly Kwiatkowski says:

    Congrats, Patsy!!! So proud of you.

  3. Dave Anderson says:


    Congratulations! Academia around the country now knows what Bowdoin has known for some time now. Congraulations again from the far northwest.

  4. Doug Belden says:

    What an odd thing for Hadley and Rick to say about Patsy….. inspiring students “many of them young women” to pursue science related careers. Smacks of sexism. Hope Patsy just wants to continue “inspiring”, period.

  5. Marianna Eraklis says:

    Congratulations & a loving thank you for your inspiration and enthusiasm for neuroscience. I still love neurons and all that they do as a practicing developmental behavioral pediatrician!

  6. Daniela Oliveira says:


  7. Tee Wiwatpanit says:

    Congratulations, Patsy!!!!!

  8. Parent of Bowdoin neuro major says:

    Many congratulations to Professor Dickinson. I’m happy for my child’s academic experience at Bowdoin, and truly delighted that she has been able to study with such terrific role models!

  9. Beth Kwiaktowski says:

    It has been a pleasure to have the chance to get to know you through our daughter during her time at Bowdoin. The commitment you show to your students and the pursuit of academic excellence is beyond outstanding. You make it look easy as you guide them into national and international opportunities in education and future career choices.
    This work takes a huge commitment on your behalf. Your ability to mentor your students and help them recognize their immediate potential and ultimately the contributions they can envision making in today’s cutting edge science world takes them far beyond the Bowdoin Experience. You are a shining example of what an educator is all about and this award is well deserved. Congratulations! Marc and Beth Kwiatkowski

  10. Ada Dickinson says:

    That is wonderful Patsy. Congratulations. Love Mom

  11. Tom Settlemire says:

    Congratulations Patsy!! You and I had the good fortune (at least from my part) of teaching several intro bio course together and I can vouch for for all the reasons mentioned in the citation you deserve this recognition — here is a big hug and a handshake – you are just what Bowdoin is all about!!! Congratulations. Tom

  12. Elliott Schwartz says:

    Congratulations! A great honor, and richly deserved. The citation could have also mentioned your cello playing in the Midcoast Orchestra — liberal arts breadth on another level!

  13. Rachel Niemer says:

    Congratulations, Patsy! I enjoyed taking your class, and I was supremely lucky to have you as my assigned advisor when I walked onto campus. This is a well deserved honor.

  14. Anita Shah says:

    Congratulations Patsy!! Couldn’t agree more, I think it really says something when I am still excited about going to neurophysiology class while I am crutching all the way from brunswick apartments.

  15. Stine Brown says:

    Congratulations Patsy!

  16. Winnie Chan says:

    A recognition well deserved, congratulations!

  17. Jennifer Oddleifson says:

    Congratulations, Patsy. So glad to see that you are as terrific now as you were in 1984!

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