Born in June or July? You’re Less Likely to be Boss (Time)

Although it sounds a bit like astrological superstition, new data shows that babies born in June and July are statistically less likely to grow up to become CEOs, according to a new study analyzed by Time.

The study’s authors found that while 8.16% of U.S. births happen in June and 8.75% of births occur in July, only 6.13% of CEOs were born in June, while just 5.87% of CEOs were born in July.

The thought is that children born before the cutoff date for a class year at school are at a disadvantage because they’re younger than most other children in their group. “As a result of being intellectually or physically less mature, the theory goes, such kids are less likely to excel from the outset, which makes it less likely that they’ll get the particular kind of attention and feedback that tends to flow toward high achievers. Similarly, they’re less likely to be chosen for leadership roles, such as speaking at assemblies or captaining a team,” Time explains.

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