High-Achieving High School Students, From Near and Far, Explore Bowdoin

For the past few days, many high school students from Maine and around the country have been on campus getting a feel for Bowdoin before applying for admission.

Many of the students — 56 to be exact — were here for Explore Bowdoin, a multi-day program designed to welcome gifted students who would bring cultural or geographic diversity to the campus if they were to matriculate. Bowdoin covers the cost of their visit, and there is no commitment to apply, explained Claudia Marroquin, associate dean of multicultural recruitment for Bowdoin’s admissions office.

The Maine students on campus for Maine Day, Sept. 24, were also invited to attend classes, listen to panel discussions on topics such as financial aid, eat lunch in the dining halls and explore the campus with their families.



  1. Joan M. Atwood says:

    How are the students chosen for this opportunity?

  2. My daughter was invited to apply for Explore Bowdoin by meeting a visiting counselor from Bowdoin at her high school. She was then added to an “interested students” list of some sort and then emailed with information. Unfortunately, the application is closed for this year. It appears that each year they have two. One in Sept and one in Nov.

  3. The admissions office runs two fly-in programs in the fall. Students apply for the programs by filling out an online application, which includes a short essay on a topic of the student’s choice, and submitting a copy of their most recent transcript. The application for both programs is made available in May with deadlines at the end of August for our September program and in late September for the November program.

    The number of applications for the programs has grown considerably within the last few years. As a result we’re not always able to invite all the students we feel would benefit from the overnight visit or who we would like on campus. Students shouldn’t be discouraged if they are not selected for the fall fly-in as we have limited space on each program.

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