Bowdoin Dining Serves ‘Out of the Blue,’ Underutilized Fish Species

Servery at Thorne Hall

Unfamiliar Gulf of Maine seafood returns to restaurants, retailers — and Bowdoin Dining — this Friday as the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) kicks off its third Out of the Blue promotion running through September 30.

Twenty-one businesses, from Bar Harbor to Kennebunkport, will feature Gulf of Maine whiting throughout the promotion, which aims to improve the ecologic and economic sustainability of the Gulf of Maine seafood industry by cultivating healthy markets for a greater diversity of products.

“’Out of the Blue’ presents an opportunity to give our students, who come to the college from all over the country and the world, a taste for and familiarity with the Gulf of Maine’s underutilized species,” says Bowdoin Dining Service associate director and executive chef Ken Cardone, who also serves on the GMRI “Out of the Blue” steering committee.

Bowdoin Dining plans to participate by serving silver hake, also known as whiting, Friday, Sept. 21, at dinner. On the menu at Moulton Union: lemon silver hake with pesto;  Thorne Hall is set to present Portuguese-style silver hake. Magee’s Grill will be using silver hake in their fish-and-chips special Friday, Sept. 28.

GMRI works toward solutions to the complex challenges of ocean stewardship and economic growth in the Gulf of Maine bioregion.


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