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Slideshow: A Glimpse of Maine’s Beauty, Through the Eyes of Bowdoin’s Newest Students

Last night, the Bowdoin Outing Club invited the class of 2016 to join it for a nostalgic trip back to just a week ago when first-year students were jumping into clear, green rock pools, hurtling down whitewater rapids, catching some sun on a mountain top, or sailing in Maine’s quiet coves.

The Outing Club played a show of collected photographs and videos from all of the outdoor expeditions, as well as the McKeen Center’s community-service trips. The following slideshow is just a fraction of the photographs taken by students around the state, from the Western mountains to the Down East coast, from Portland to Presque Isle. [Read more…]

Fixing the Bugs in Atmospheric Data to Better Understand Climate Change


Sam Seekins ’14 and Karina Graeter ’14

Two physics students have worked out some of the final kinks in a complicated computer code, making it possible for a Bowdoin physics professor to finalize the data analysis from his six-year atmospheric study in a New England forest.

In 2006, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Mark Battle began collecting data from a climate-monitoring device, affectionately named by a former student “the Armadillo,” at an environmental research station in the Harvard Forest, a 3,000-acre tract in north-central Massachusetts. Battle’s equipment measures the flows of carbon and oxygen that enter and leave the atmosphere above the forest canopy and midway to the ground. [Read more…]