Profs Coviello and Clarke in ‘Believer’ Music Issue

Peter Coviello and Brock Clarke

English professors Peter Coviello (top) and Brock Clarke.


The current July/August special Music Issue of The Believer magazine features articles by two Bowdoin English faculty members, Peter Coviello and Brock Clarke.

In his piece, “The Talk That Does Not Do Nothing,” Coviello frames a 20-year friendship through the music of Steely Dan, or rather arguments over the music of Steely Dan. “Steely Dan? Steely Dan?” Coviello ponders. “Listen: I know. If only because to those disinclined to the band, such disinclination typically takes the form of an ardent and vocal dislike (rather than, say, indifference), I do not need to have explained to me the million-petaled flower of Steely Dan’s uncoolness.” But, it’s much more than that, as Coviello humorously and poignantly explains.

Clark writes in his piece, “Mark Twain was supposed to have said, ‘When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always twenty years behind the times.'” With his own sharp humor and satirical bite, dodging balls on the playgrounds of his childhood Cincinnati, Clarke recalls the music of The Ass Ponys, “a band that makes you nostalgic for the grim old days.”

Note: The beginning of each article is available on The Believer website, but a subscription is required to read the articles in full.


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