Proctors Send Postcard Greetings To Incoming First-Years

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A few proctors who are on campus for the summer got together yesterday at the pub to write postcards to their incoming first-years. Each of Bowdoin’s 33 or so proctors will live with 10 to 25 first-years next year, acting as their go-to person for any questions and problems the new students might have. “Every first-year gets a personalized postcard, letting them know who we are and that we are a resource for them,” Katie Ashby ’13 said.

In the photo, left to right: Malik McKnight ’15, Katie Ashby ’13, Filipe Camarotti ’14, Mira Nikolova ’13, Tori Guen ’13, Steph Bond ’13, Melanie Gaynes ’13, Abbie Geringer ’14

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