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Barry Mills on the Value of a Liberal Arts Education (NPR)

Barry Mills


President Barry Mills was tapped for his insight for a National Public Radio segment that examines the value of a liberal arts education at a time in this country’s economic history when many of what NPR’s Tovia Smith describes as “elite private schools” are seen as “a more expensive — and less direct — path to landing a job.”

Mills talks about the College’s core mission — educating — and the results it has yielded.

Imagine the Reaction: Chemistry Department Yields Hidden Treasure


The gold bar, believed to have been purchased in 1930 for less than $84, is now worth more than $6,600.

Valuable lessons abound in Bowdoin’s Chemistry Department, but rarely are those pearls of wisdom actually worth their weight in gold. A 24-karat gold bar, likely the subject of scientific experiments long ago, lay inert in the old chemistry stockroom in Cleaveland Hall for decades, and was moved to a new storage area when Druckenmiller opened.

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