Maine Reality Show, ‘North Woods Law,’ Premieres (Animal Planet)

A new Maine-based reality TV show premiered this month on the cable channel Animal Planet. In the first three episodes of North Woods Law Maine game wardens don night vision googles to find poachers, deal with a lost black bear in a Portland neighborhood, take up a high-speed ATV chase, and conduct a back woods stake-out to arrest hunters who illegally hunt birds from their trucks.


  1. gary sutton says:

    I saw my first episode this evening!! it’s good to see you Easterners got them 13,14
    and 15 year olds of the ATV’S!!
    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, nice of you not to arrest them young men!!
    That was very big of you! this is part of what is wrong with our country nowadays!
    they are too young to realize that they should be on the street corner smoking cigarettes getting ready for a life of crime!!! but you guys will get ’em steered in the right direction ; )

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