Religion Prof. Owen Strachan ’03 on Tim Tebow and the Doctrine of God (The Atlantic)

You can’t tune into a media outlet lately and not run smack into Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, who has equally mesmerized and rankled fans and opponents this football season with his fourth quarter heroics and endzone prayers. Tebow’s improbable run through the NFL playoffs ended against the New England Patriots last weekend, but in the week leading up to that game, Owen Strachan ’03, a professor of theology and history at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky, wondered in an essay for The Atlantic “Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins on Saturday?”

Strachan’s piece covers “a theology of providence, suffering, and sports,” and made an impact with scholars and face-painters. For several days it was one of the most-read pieces on The Atlantic‘s site, it was featured in the “Nota Bene” section of The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Arts & Letters Daily website, and it drew thousands of Facebook “likes” and hundreds of comments.

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