Helen Gurley Brown Funds Journalism Innovation (New York Times)

Helen Gurley Brown, as pictured on the cover of the biography by Jennifer Scanlon (at right).

Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism is teaming up with Stanford University’s school of engineering to create a new center for media innovation that will strengthen the link between journalism and technology.

The center, which will have locations on both campuses, is being funded with a $30 million donation from Helen Gurley Brown, the 89-year-old former Cosmopolitan editor and subject of the critically acclaimed Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown (2009) by Jennifer Scanlon, Bowdoin’s William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of the Humanities.

The dean of Columbia’s journalism school, Nicholas Lemann, told faculty and students that the David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation “will create the closest ongoing partnership I’m aware of between journalists and computer scientists.”

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