Haunted Bowdoin Tour on Foursquare

Just in time for Halloween, Bowdoin reveals its spooky side through FourSquare, the popular location-based social media tool. The Bowdoin College Haunted Tour, created by David Francis, a programmer in Bowdoin’s Information Technology department, is now available as an app for your mobile device.



  1. David Roberts, '62 says:

    The page:http://www.bowdoin.edu/~dfrancis/tour/mobile/rod.html, Titled “Massachusetts Hall,” in fact pictures Adams Hall and a small Grand Stand (on the Delta?) from across Bath street. This is a particularly nice and unfamiliar (to me) picture.

    I particularly liked the med students, with their body. I am tempted to use it as a Christmas Card for some of my Doc friends.

    Anyway, Thanks. I did enjoy the haunted tour!

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