Alan Lightman H’05 on ‘Reconciling the Scientific with the Divine’ (Salon)

Author and physicist Alan Lightman addresses a packed house at the Bowdoin Chapel in 2005.

Internationally known author, physicist and educator Alan Lightman, who received an honorary degree from the College in 2005, has plumbed the intersection of art and science in essays, novels and scientific publications.

Lightman, whose latest book, Mr g, a novel about creation, will be published in January, examines the coexistence of science and religion in the Salon article “Does God Exist?”


  1. Lawrence Enegren says:

    I am a Believer myself. I completely oppose the Central Doctrine of science. And I do believe in the existence of God and the Holy Spirit who lives in and beyond matter and energy . That Being entered the fray of the physical world in his son, Jesus Christ.
    The meaning of our life is to glorify God.
    “But something held me to my ground. When they were within 20 feet of me, they suddenly veered upward and away. But before that dazzling and frightening vertical climb, for about half a second we made eye contact. Words cannot convey what was exchanged between us in that instant. It was a look of connectedness, of mutual respect, of recognition that we shared the same land. After they were gone, I found that I was shaking, and in tears. To this day, I cannot explain what happened in that half-second. But it was one of the most profound moments of my life.”
    Even before you were born, Mr. Lightman , God had designed this exact moment in your life for you. This is how much He loves you!

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