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Developing: The Eclectic Career of Chris Rogers ’85 (Seattle Times)

Chris Rogers '85


After graduating with an art history degree, Chris Rogers ’85 pursued an unconventional career path.

He spent eight years working for a national land-conservation organization and another eight with the Seattle Art Museum before becoming a developer.

Now, as co-founder and CEO of Point32, Rogers combines his background in art and conservation to contribute to the development of eco-friendly and aesthetically superior places in Seattle.

Rogers is currently at work on the Bullitt Center, projected to be the greenest office building on the planet.

The Seattle Times recently ran a profile of Rogers.

This slideshow features images of two Point32 projects:  the Bullitt Center and the Art Stable, a seven-story loft building.

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Online Help Planning Your Fall Color Tour (

Maine in autumn is a beautiful sight to behold — fleeting though it may be before winter paints it over with its gray and white palette.

To make it easier to absorb the optimum amount of robust color, the State of Maine offers its official fall foliage website with current foliage conditions on a color-coded map, information about fall foliage hikes in Maine’s state parks and historic sites, and a video explaining the science behind the color you’ll see along the way.