One Cool Thing: Virtual Sensory Immersion with Surround Haptics

Bowdoin Chief Information Officer Mitch Davis offers a look at news and trends in technology, gadgets, inventions or just something worth checking out. It’s called “One Cool Thing.”

The next wave in gaming, computing, medicine, robotics, art and science could be virtual immersion using Surround Haptics and may be right around the corner thanks to some of the work being done at Disney Research.

Surround haptics provides tactile feedback through the skin in relationship to what is happening on the screen. This isn’t a holodeck but is a step in that direction. My guess is that this may show up as an option on the next generation iPad.

TeslaTouch from Kamer Ali Yuksel on Vimeo.

Learn more about Disney Research’s work with Surround Haptics.

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