Bowdoin’s Computer Science Majors Find Ready Employment is Part of the Program

Representing the present and future of computer science at Bowdoin: Nathaniel Merritt '11, Danielle McAvoy '13 and Ben Johnson '11.

“I’m hearing from people practically daily asking, ‘Do you have any people who are graduating and are looking for jobs?'” says Professor of Computer Science Eric Chown. “I have to tell them, sorry.” At last count, all of Bowdoin’s graduating computer science majors had jobs lined up after college — and not your entry-level variety.


  1. Jamey Anderson '10 says:

    I think it deserves to be said for any anxious English or Philosophy majors that your disciplines are also excellent career choices, even if the rewards are less immediate. You will never, ever regret your writing-heavy courses, even if articles like this one make you question that.

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