Bowdoin Featured in ‘Architecture & Academe’ (Inside Higher Ed)


The architecture of the College is featured prominently in Bryant F. Tolles Jr.’s new book, Architecture & Academe: College Buildings in New England Before 1860 (University Press of New England).

The Chapel graces the cover of the book, which includes the chapter, “Williams and Bowdoin: Contrasting Planning Theories and the Land.”

The College is mentioned in a Q&A with the author in Inside Higher Ed.




  1. Peter H. Dragonas, MD, '59 says:

    It is interesting that this fine building that The College invested heavily in a recent restoration is on the cover of Mr. Tolles’ “academic architectural odyssey”.
    At Reunion, Class of ’59, in 2009, Roger McLeod, “59, Professor of Physics at UMASS, identified a variety of markings and code signs on this stately and peaceful building that are worthy of a book in itself. I will not spoil the fun. Dr. Phil Beam, failed to tell us anything about the messages this building carries in his
    survey course on “Architecture”. I trust The College could consider having Prof.
    McLeod write an article for the Alumni Magazine revealing his findings. They may be in the Tolles book!

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