Texas Legislature Set to Okay Guns on Campus (Daily Beast)

The Texas legislature is ready to pass a bill allowing concealed handguns on state university campuses as “a matter of self-defense.”


  1. Great idea!! Data show that the violent crime rate in a jurisdiction is inversely proportional to the number of concealed carry permits. It is usually responsible citizens who take the gun training classes and get the weapons permits. For example, of the tens of thousands of weapons permits issued in Arizona, only 32 needed to be rescinded!

    I met a woman from Texas who lived under the repressive gun-control regime of Governor Ann Richards. She previously had a concealed carry permit, which was cancelled by Governor Richards in the early 90’s. Without her concealed carry, she watched helplessly while a her parents and others were executed by a gun-wielding nut as they ate lunch in McDonald’s. As a doctor, she could not risk the felony of carrying a gun. The murderer with the gun did not care that carrying a gun was a felony.

    In the attached AP story, Colin Godard of the Brady Gun Control Group was a student at Virginia Tech when 10 people were killed in his classroom. Perhaps if Godard (or some other responsible student) had had a concealed carry, he could have stopped the whack-job before all the murders took place.

    If gun-control laws are so effective, why do Chicago and Washington DC (where guns are banned) have such a high gun-crime rate?

    Gun control laws restrict law-abiding citizens and will never stop a lunatic who is determined to kill others or commit a crime with a gun. Thank God for the Second Amendment!!

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