Football’s Dilemma (GQ)

There is an epidemic in the sport of football, which long ago eclipsed baseball as “the American pastime.” Players, current and former, young and “old,” exhibiting signs of mental trauma from multiple blows to the head—repeated, violent impacts that are simply part of the modern game. As new medical evidence emerges, football, especially the multi-billion dollar industry of the NFL, faces an ironic crisis: the sport is destroying its players. GQ contributor Jeanne Marie Laskas wonders, “How can we keep watching the game—and how can we keep asking our kids to play it?


  1. One move towards reducing concussions in the NFL would be to get serious about drug testing. Reduce the size and speed of drug-enhanced players and you reduce the number of serious hits. This wasn’t as big an issue in the pre-steriod era.

  2. Mike Coster '57 says:

    It’s time to seriously consider the future of Pro football and pro hockey as well.
    Today’s athletes are too big and too strong for the style of play in the NFL and The NHL. Unfortunately we’ll get no help from the rich owners.
    As well we have become too decensitised to violence.
    Do something before we begin to develope the “lions and the gladiators ” syndrome
    Sad But True ..
    Mike Coster 57—-

  3. That doesn’t strike me as ironic at all.

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